Cost Control Posted by Simfoni July 2nd, 2018

Cost Control

We offer solutions for cost control within an organization, including third-party expenditure, staff utilization and organization redesign.

Cost Control

Cost control has never been more important. As global markets stagnate and competition intensifies, the opportunity to achieve earnings growth rests as much within your organization as outside it. Reducing costs by 5% is often equivalent to growing revenues by 10%.

At Simfoni, we offer solutions that tackle all costs within the organization from third-party expenditure to staff utilization and organization redesign.

  • Category management focuses on the most strategic spends in the organization and challenges both the competitiveness of current vendors as well as exploring the potential for further cost control through enhanced collaboration, specification redesign and demand management.
  • Procurement cost control looks at all aspects of the process for ordering, receiving and paying for items, challenging both the efficiency of internal processes, as well as the price competitiveness of the purchases.
  • eCatalog/eProcurement solutions generate significant time and cost savings where standard items can be purchased through marketplaces and carefully selected vendors.
  • Tail spend management focuses on all the random, one-off, custom and occasional purchases. Such purchases aren’t necessarily of particularly high value, but due to their infrequent nature, they consume vast amounts of staff time and resources in comparison to the value of the items being sought.
  • Time and expenses management provides insights into how staff members are allocating their time to various activities and offers up opportunities to better align effort with revenue and streamline operations.