Opportunity Assessment Module

The Opportunity Assessment module allows users to instantly calculate cost optimization opportunities across both strategic spend and low value/high transactional tail spend

Increase close rate on proposals

Virtuosi gives clients more confidence in the projections and hence more likely to proceed with projects.

Increase the scope of projects

Our Opportunity Assessment identifies much more scope for savings

Stand out from the crowd

Our state of the art visualizations bring your presentations to life and help you stand out as a technology leader

Spend Segmentation Analysis

SKU Level Price Variance Analysis

Vendor and SKU Consolidation

Stratify-K Sourcing Opportunity App

Tail Spend Opportunity Analysis

Catalog Potential

Spend is segmented by type which supports development of an overall Spend Management Strategy

Deep-dive analysis using pre-configured dashboards supports identification of strategic sourcing initiatives that attack high value spend categories


In parallel, the console analyzes vendor consolidation and spend leverage opportunities across tactical, spot buy and lower value tail spend

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